Elixir for 'Web-ish' applications

Laurens Duijvesteijn @ DomCode 23 feb. 2016

Last updated 24 feb. 2016

Fast paced introduction to Elixir. After discussing the basics of the language, we take a look at Plug, and use it to write our own web-framework.


All related to Elixir, semi-related to the talk.


“How did you get started with Elixir?”
About a year and a half ago, someone gave me a link to the Elixir website. It looked alright, but I put it aside. When I attended a version of this talk by José Valim, I was sold and started paying attention.
“Are Elixir/Erlang used in production, if so, where?”
Most definitely! I have mentioned WhatsApp, Heroku (routing layer), DockYard and there's more.